GIB upgrades

Enhancements to GIB can be broken into two broad types: There are bridge enhancements, where we find a way to make the program play a better game of bridge, and non-bridge enhancements, where we provide new features in the user interface, extend the library of tournament deals, and so on. Our policy is to provide all of these enhancements at no charge.

Simple upgrade instructions: Download and execute the user interface patch and the bridge patch. If you use GIB in a non-English language, please also download and execute the foreign language patch. That's all there is to it!

The non-bridge enhancements have also been split into separate downloads to make the downloading process a little easier if you don't want everything that is available.

Linux users should download the upgrade and patch files from the linux subdirectory.

The following improvements are supplied by the current patches. For each, we give the name of the patch file, the date, the version of GIB created, and the changes made. In all cases, you only need the latest version of bpat, uipat or lpat. Each version supersedes all of its predecessors.